Event Horizon is a literary and graphic arts periodical.  It is an online pdf-download magazine. An event horizon is that border to a black hole beyond which there is no return.  It’s a place  ablaze with energy.  It is irresistible.  Light can not escape the black hole beyond the event horizon.  The event horizon is the verge of something huge and as-yet unknown – just like the future or human potential itself.

Issue 2 is available for download.

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Issue 2 – free pdf download

Issue 2 – purchase print copy




Issue 1 is available for download.

Issue 1


Issue 1 – free pdf download

Issue 1 – purchase print copy


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Issue 2 print edition available

Nobody said it would be easy – and it wasn’t.  I hope I learned something about setting up files for my publisher.  The parameters for print are a little more confining than for pdf. Please go to the home page to download or order Issue 2.

Issue 2

Issue 2 is available to download for free as a pdf.  A link to Lulu to publish-on-demand for an expensive print copy will have to wait a few days while I address “technical issues”. Submissions are always solicited and encouraged but now they are really solicited and encouraged to build Issue 3. I see from my last … Continue reading Issue 2

Issue 1

Issue 1 is available for download.  Print copies are also available from lulu.com.  I do not necessarily encourage purchase of a print copy.  Publish-on-demand is expensive – even from lulu, by far the cheapest.  Also, the learning curve for the editor/publisher on the first issue was a rough road, watered with tears of frustration.  There … Continue reading Issue 1

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