Issue 10 – gestation period unknown

So I’ve temporarily and reluctantly shelved one hobby to immerse myself in another.  I am going through the checklist of registering Event Horizon as a non-profit. From the oracle of the prophet, St Google, all paths are revealed. I just have to take each of the 10,000 steps. This may be a way of funding a staff and receiving the sacrement of Sustainability.

Don’t need much:  two people working from home about 10-20 hours each a month.  I need someone to do layout and someone to do marketing. When I get funded I’ll start reading resumes and scheduling interviews.

The layout I do is with MS Publisher, probably v. #2006 or earlier.  It’s installed permanently and it’s free.  If you use Adobe Illustrator, well, God bless you. Hope you like poetry.

Marketing means selling ads, taking issues to book stores for display, developing a “meaningful value proposition” for offering subscriptions, social media – posting and strategy, and a whole bunch of other stuff that I can’t remember right now.

Stay posted.  Big doings.

A Lot to Think About  by  Linda Apple


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