Offworld: Event Horizon longs for sound and motion!

Event Horizon wants to start a new department to be listed in the table of contents called Offworld.  It would be a kind of guide or review of noteworthy web sites to visit to see active examples of art performance that can not be fairly represented in a static print-like format.  It would also be the way that artists who work in sound and movement could be showcased at Event Horizon.

There are no specs for submission yet. Please inquire if you are interested in submitting your work in such a format:

Issue 2

Issue 2 is available to download for free as a pdf.  A link to Lulu to publish-on-demand for an expensive print copy will have to wait a few days while I address “technical issues”.

Submissions are always solicited and encouraged but now they are really solicited and encouraged to build Issue 3.

I see from my last post that I also suffered “technical issues” with Issue 1 print copy.  Oh well.  Still learning, still growing.  The workaround for my “technical issue” is in sight and it will take hours and hours of reformatting.  It’s a living … actually, it’s not yet.

I hope you enjoy Issue 2.

Link to Issue 2 – free pdf download.


Issue 1

Issue 1

Issue 1 is available for download.  Print copies are also available from  I do not necessarily encourage purchase of a print copy.  Publish-on-demand is expensive – even from lulu, by far the cheapest.  Also, the learning curve for the editor/publisher on the first issue was a rough road, watered with tears of frustration.  There were errors in file creation, ominous messages about low-res images and epithets uttered during the process.  Issue 2 will be more polished.   At this moment, lulu is down for maintenance.  I will provide a ink to the page offering the print copy for purchase as soon as lulu is up.

Issue 1 pdf download

Display ads in support of community values

Event Horizon will create and publish Public Service Announcement (PSA) ads in support of certain community values.  The taglines will be – with some variation – “Support our public schools”, “Protect our public lands”, “Support our private land reserves” (e.g. the Nature Conservancy buys up land holdings to protect and preserve unique natural habitats), and  “Support our community arts organizations” (e.g. a local dance troupe, an arts center).

I need photos or other graphics with permission to use them.  Please send me a photo or photos, with full identifying information, of notable public schools or districts, landscapes of public lands, private land reserves including photos taken by you of their signage, and similar photos of art centers and arts organizations.

In your email with attachments, please include some version of the following:  “The attached picture(s) of   __________________ are mine and I give you permission to use them.”

A New Magazine

Event Horizon features the work of artists who seek a friendly and versatile forum and an accessible venue for publication.  The aesthetic of Event Horizon is curated by a single editor who is interested in quality – variously defined – and leeway for the artist.  The magazine will eventually be a quarterly with deadlines but for the near future it will simply be serial.  Deadlines are “rolling” for now:  when submissions are closed for an issue, all other submissions will be considered for subsequent issues. Simultaneous submissions are fine but tell us when you are published; we will only publish unpublished work.

Event Horizon will be funded largely by advertising.  At some point, subscriptions may make sense.  It will be possible to order a hardcopy (book) of an issue using publishing-on-demand services.  Submit all work  and inquiries to .

Call to Artists: Cover for inaugural issue

The cover is for front and back.  Each page will be a standard  8 1/2″ by 11″ however it is unknown at this time what effect the binding will impose on this space.  The cover can be two parts like separate panels of a continuing image.  Alternatively, the images can be separate but strongly related by style and content.  Otherwise, there are no restrictions on style, content or theme.

Another consideration is the nameplate or logo which will appear on every edition.  The logo is a standard proprietary image which will be superimposed on your image.  Its dimensions are  4 1/2″ by  2 1/2″.  Its placement, in the upper right corner of the page, will give it a margin of  1/4″ from the edge.  Check the Publisher’s Prototype for an example of the effect of the logo on the cover image.

Please submit high resolution digital copies of the cover images.  Provide biographical information and any caption that you want to appear on the masthead page. If the images are not exactly proportional to the 8 1/2  x 11 format, they will be cropped at the discretion of Event Horizon.  You retain most rights to the images.  Event Horizon has the right to show the cover exactly as it appears on the issue, including the nameplate, in future publications e.g. annuals or anthologies. Submissions that are not used for the inaugural issue can be kept for consideration for future issues or withdrawn at the discretion of the artist.

Submit all work  and inquiries to .

Call to Artists: Literary and graphic work

As with any new frontier, there are few rules or expectations; these will no doubt come later as the need is revealed.  The categories listed in the Contents seem pretty standard. So far, expected categories include: Fiction, Drama (not listed), Poetry, Galleries, Pictorials ~ manga, comics, graphic novels, Essays and Criticism.  If you have something new and unexpected that can live within the magazine format, I’m open to possibilities.

Please submit literary work in a form that can be manipulated (font size and style, word-wrap, etc.); so not pdf. Submit graphics as high resolution digital copies.  Bordering white space may be cropped and sizes may be adjusted for layout purposes.  Images will not be cropped.

Please provide a third-person narrative biography which will be edited. Provide any instructions, accompanying text, captions, etc.  Give me a path to your internet presence e.g. websites, blogs, social media:  something I can look up and perhaps reference.

Submit all work  and inquiries to .

Publisher’s Prototype

If you’re interested, the sample provided here is a crude prototype to illustrate the idea of the magazine.  It was composed with generic software that you can find on most PCs, and without great concern for norms and conventions that may apply to such a medium. The sample works are all in the public domain including the ads, cover and nameplate.  Bios, or any descriptive,  introductory text is written as if the artist or artists were alive and looking forward to being published. They are all dead but you are not.

The Publisher’s Prototype