Call to Artists: Literary and graphic work

As with any new frontier, there are few rules or expectations; these will no doubt come later as the need is revealed.  The categories listed in the Contents seem pretty standard. So far, expected categories include: Fiction, Drama (not listed), Poetry, Galleries, Pictorials ~ manga, comics, graphic novels, Essays and Criticism.  If you have something new and unexpected that can live within the magazine format, I’m open to possibilities.

Please submit literary work in a form that can be manipulated (font size and style, word-wrap, etc.); so not pdf. Submit graphics as high resolution digital copies.  Bordering white space may be cropped and sizes may be adjusted for layout purposes.  Images will not be cropped.

Please provide a third-person narrative biography which will be edited. Provide any instructions, accompanying text, captions, etc.  Give me a path to your internet presence e.g. websites, blogs, social media:  something I can look up and perhaps reference.

Submit all work  and inquiries to .

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