Display ads in support of community values

Event Horizon will create and publish Public Service Announcement (PSA) ads in support of certain community values.  The taglines will be – with some variation – “Support our public schools”, “Protect our public lands”, “Support our private land reserves” (e.g. the Nature Conservancy buys up land holdings to protect and preserve unique natural habitats), and  “Support our community arts organizations” (e.g. a local dance troupe, an arts center).

I need photos or other graphics with permission to use them.  Please send me a photo or photos, with full identifying information, of notable public schools or districts, landscapes of public lands, private land reserves including photos taken by you of their signage, and similar photos of art centers and arts organizations.

In your email with attachments, please include some version of the following:  “The attached picture(s) of   __________________ are mine and I give you permission to use them.”

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