Free full-page display ads?!? – yeah, kinda

But here’s the catch and the nit-picky back story:  I don’t read print periodicals that much.  But if I did, my two favorites would be The New Yorker and Vanity Fair.  I love their success – they still have a thriving print presence in the digital age.  I love how they do what they do.  The content and presentation of The New Yorker resonate with me. And Vanity Fair is beautiful, lush, extravagant.

The first 48 pages of Issue 691 of Vanity Fair (“Hollywood 2018”) consist of full-page display ads. Masthead and Table of Contents start on page 49.  The magazine promotes material culture and the arts.  The “content” is there. The ads are there in more than equal measure.  Everything is beautifully packaged. Do I aspire to be a Vanity Fair of the arts?  I’d rather be a New Yorker for the arts but as a publisher, I find much to admire in Vanity Fair.

I will not make any money on single-issue sales or subscriptions to my print edition.  If I invite entry fees, they really do only cover costs (prize money).  This is a rewarding hobby. If I ever “monetize” it,  it will be with ads.

I have made public service ads promoting public education,  ads for protecting public lands and  private reserves, and shout-outs for local arts and cultural centers.  If the ads are pretty, why can’t I do tattoo artists, produce vendors, and glass manufacturers?

So that’s where you come in.  I’m interested in promoting your business.  The main thing I need is your permission.  And this “offer” is not a quid-pro-quo or an agreement or contract (I hope) in any sense.  It’s mostly on my terms and subject to my needs and resources at any moment.  You do get thumbs-up or down on the ad before it goes anywhere.

I provided an example here: A full-page photo or illustration.  A block of text up to about five lines for name, contact info and maybe a motto.

This is a great chance for low-cost promotion.  Anything more is speculation about the future: sweetheart deal, grandfather clause, preferred pricing, whatever. sample arnies bike

Let’s talk.

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