Offworld and a debut performance

offworld logoEvent Horizon may be boldly leading the charge to the craggiest outposts of art.  But it is also a quaint throw-back to the age of print.  What else is this whole-issue pdf-download than a digital rendering of a print medium?  Event Horizon is parked at a website – like Deep Space 9 at the edge of the galaxy – but the publication is not a website; no tabs, no pages to navigate, no live links. Offworld – a new department of Event Horizon – will be its portal to the rest of the internet.  Offworld is the guide to  sound, motion and performance.

Event Horizon is pleased to co-host a debut performance –  a reading of a newly translated short story by the Russian autho, Olga Onoyko, with an interview of the author.  The short story is The House behind the Vacant Lot. The reading is performed by her translator, Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler. Event Horizon is collaborating with She’s in Russia, a podcast hosted by two Americans whose avowed mission is to short-circuit Cold War II and pull the rug out from propaganda in both directions.  The podcast for the reading – in English – will be available  at Soundcloud –, on March 20.  The translation is available in Issue 3 of Event Horizon.

… with one special caveat:  I  hope  I can make Issue 3 pdf edition available on March 20.  If I cannot, the translation will be available on the Home page here at Event Horizon.

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