Ozette – “The Pompeii of America”

I was off the grid for a few days.  Caught up on some reading and learned about the “Pompeii of America”.  There is an archaeological site now stewarded by the Makah Cultural and Research Center at Neah Bay on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. The Ozette site was a Makah village inhabited continuously for 2000 years and inundated by a calamitous mudslide. Radiocarbon dating places the slide 500 +/- 50 years ago, which “buried six longhouses and their respective contents, locking the pre-contact wooden and wood-based artifacts in a shroud of mud.”  This anaerobic seal preserved the longhouses and 55000 artifacts that have so far been recovered at the site.

I call my off-grid excursion a “vision quest” – a hyperbolic allusion to the Native American tradition of solitary spiritual reflection, isolated in austere circumstances, sometimes to identify a personal spirit animal.  I am planning my next vision quest for the Olympic Peninsula.ozette relic

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