Event Horizon Blog and One-Man Bands

I have not contributed to this blog in about a month.  That will never do but sometimes .. it has to.  My layout artist (that would be me) is already configuring Issue 4 which will come out June 21 – summer solstice.  My social media manager (me) has also been very distracted.  I/we went on a wonderful “vision quest” around the Olympic Peninsula.  I did not connect with my spirit animal but I did learn about art of the Coastal Salish and Northwest Coast art in general.  Read about it in upcoming Issue 4.

The mission of Event Horizon is primarily to serve as a platform for expression for live working artists.  To all of you, I welcome your submissions.  If you work in a medium not usually reproduceable in a print medium – which Event Horizon mostly imitates – I’m still very interested in your music, dance, theater, or other performance-based art.  I am looking for creative ways to showcase these genres as well.

Attached is the illustrated list of possibilities for consideration in Event Horizon which I posted to Twitter and Instagram today.   Please send in your work.bierstadt submmisions

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