Graphic novel as biography

You may have noticed there is a soft spot in my heart for all things comix.  In fact … no, I won’t use this as a platform to express my remorse or my longing for contemporary artists to send in their work to Event Horizon.  Instead, as a willing conduit for Hyperallergic, I will point you to a review by Dominic Umile about Weegee: Serial Photographer, a new graphic novel by Max de Radiguès and Wauter Mannaert. Weegee highlights the career of Arthur Fellig, a newspaper photographer who covered city news – or made it up – befitting his penchant for the graphic and marketable.

“… the point is that some of Weegee’s pioneering photojournalism, developed for wire services in the darkroom of a car trunk (craftily shown here within a stretch of wordless panels), was often staged. His unscrupulous practices became well-known over the years. More surprising is the comic’s portrayal of a vulnerable man starved for fame.”


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