Solstice – hello and goodbye

Solstice was my self-imposed deadline and publication date for Issue 4.  My new deadline is any day now.  My staff and I (redundant – they’re the same) are spread thin across all departments.  But I’m looking forward to the issue.  It’s a little smaller this time.  I want to encourage contributors – new and old – to act on their desire to find themselves featured in Event Horizon.  That’s mostly what Event Horizon is for.  But we’ve been literate for over 5000 years; we’ve been drawing for 20000 or more and movin and groovin to the tunes for I don’t know how long.  There will always be plenty to share and talk about.  For right now, I’m pleased to feature some new and recent poets and authors. Thanks to Heather Haley for beautiful front and back covers.  And in the words of Diana Ross and the Supremes,  come see about me.sawtooth summer splendor (2)

Sawtooth Summer Splendor by Heather Haley

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