The Art Agenda

Sure I have an agenda. Can’t help myself. But here I try and restrain myself. I try to limit my effects to providing a mirror and providing a platform where art can do what it does when it decides to.  Art changes people.  It educates them. Art speaks to hearts and minds. Art can topple the most well-armed, well-organized and well-funded tyranny. Full stop.

There is an article in Hyperallergic Hand-Copying the Constitution and Other Responses to Trump by Thomas Michelli. I haven’t finished reading it yet. I will but I’m gratified and reassured just to find the report drifting about. The genie is out of the bottle and won’t be easily stuffed back in.


Some needed corrections have been made to Issue 4 – free pdf download, and posted to the Home page.  Hopefully this will help to yield a mostly error-free print option, to be made available soon.

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