Deathmetal lives

My brother shared a youtube with my sister and me; I’ll just characterize it for the moment as a deathmetal music video.  (bleach03)  I scornfully interjected that it was all derivative – nothing new.  My sister mused and wondered if it would be the answer to her most pressing  question of the moment, how to entertain her two young grandchildren who would be over soon.

The discussion did not end there:

Thrashcore (also known as fastcore) is a fast tempo subgenre of hardcore punk that emerged in the early 1980s. Thrashcore is essentially sped-up hardcore, often using blast beats. Songs can be very brief, and thrashcore is in many ways a less dissonant, less metallic forerunner of grindcore.

A propos to music on Event Horizon:  I think I will have to abandon my debut Offworld feature as a failed and distracting experiment.  Especially since I’ve moved to a bi-monthly format, there are too many other fish to fry, with artists concerned about publication.

I’ll handle music and performance from the same perspective as my 2d-graphic-literary submissions:  I am very interested in your work.  Send it in and I’ll consider it for publication in the most flattering and impactful format I can engineer.


One thought on “Deathmetal lives

  1. In my blogpost Deathmetal Lives, I misakenly referred to my magazine feature as Offline.  The correct name is Offworld.  I just made the correction in my blogpost.  This is important.


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