Call for Submissions – Issue 6

Event Horizon is a home for literary and graphic arts and this is a call for submissions:

Event Horizon is seeking poetry, fiction, and non-fiction of many varieties.

Event Horizon is calling for graphic arts suitable for a 2D publication:  illustration of any variety, photography and photography of craft work, pictures with stories comprising manga, graphic novels, comics and cartoons.

There is no fee for submitting nor is there payment upon acceptance. Event Horizon is published bi-monthly. The best place to start for any questions is the website and glimpses at back issues.  Target publication date for Issue 6 is November 1.

The website and free pdf downloads can be found at .

All submissions and inquiries should be directed to .

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2 thoughts on “Call for Submissions – Issue 6

  1. Hi Lanning, I have a short story that might work for you but before I send it for your consideration I wondered what copyright issues might come up as the story is the epilogue for my memoir. If you publish it would I be constrained in any way. Marian



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