Issue 8 is upon us

Issue 8 is available for download on the Home page.  I will have the purchase print option posted in a few days. I am too chagrined to comment on the tardiness of delivering Issue 8 – ostensible release date was March 1.

I included a ‘love letter from the editor’ on the Notes from the Editor page.  I’m posting it here because my heart is on my sleeve.

Love letter from the editor of Event Horizon

Long ago, in the middle of 2017, I had an idea. It was a stream – a confluence of restless urgings. I had been retired for three years. I knew that I loved to blog and it was frustrating that no one gave a good God damn what I had to say. I wished I had, maybe, a few more dollars a month than my humble pensions would provide. As always, I loved history, military history, art history, The Blues, Boomer pop/rock and lately, Greek classical literature and Jane Austen—a broad palette, plenty to work with.  I’ve not been a successful entrepreneur yet. But I have never failed because I never stopped trying. Originally, I hoped Event Horizon would be more than a creative outlet; maybe eventually the full website, blog and magazine could be a platform for selling ads or subscriptions.

That part never happened but Event Horizon became something I never expected: a public service. It is so personally rewarding to me in that respect that I can no longer  imagine not doing it.

But it does take a toll. I’m having some success in other entrepreneurial efforts and the money and the clients create their own priority. Event Horizon takes more – rather than less – time the more I learn and the more exacting my standards become. A local limited crisis is that I am late – very late – in bringing Issue 8 to ‘print’.

There are answers – or at least solutions, each with their own sets of strings. I paid my son for 10 hours work at Portland minimum wage doing layout. He was a valuable and competent assistant but he doesn’t want to do it. What I need is at least 20 hours/month but I can’t afford it. I’ve done some research: Making Event Horizon a non-profit would not be impossible, only difficult and a long hard road. Maybe GoFundMe? If I had $3000, that would take care of layout for a year. Or maybe ads or subscriptions.  Sure, there ya go.

In the meantime, I’ll mostly do it myself and publish as soon as I can.


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