At the crossroads

Maybe Event Horizon is not at a crossroads, but I certainly am.  I do not have the personal resources to do what needs to be done to produce Event Horizon. I love what Event Horizon  has become but there are aspects of it that must be consistently maintained for it to work. I think there actually is enough time in my busy busy schedule to do everything.  Ominously, some of these functions I procrastinate against doing. That is a fatal challenge for  a one-person show.

I need two staff people to do the things I don’t want to do. It would not be sustainable or correct to try to fill these important and difficult positions with volunteers. If I could fund the positions, problem solved. But again, addressing this is the kind of relentless self-promotion that I tend to avoid.  Selling ads? Developing subscription service? Starting a non-profit? Saturating  social media daily? Pleading on GoFundMe or Kickstarter? There are things that can be done;  just not by me.

I’m developing job descriptions for a Production Specialist and a Communications Director. The positions would be part-time and could be filled remotely anywhere.

If  I were to provide a budget for a proposal for a non-profit, I’d probably throw in a third position for myself.  It would all  look something like this:


Stay posted for news of Issue 10.

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