Award-winning cartoonist and Trump critic is fired

Art is dangerous. Art is loud. And for the powerful, that loud abrasive voice is always shouting from one side or the other of that line that should not be crossed. In America, political cartoonists are usually given a pass because of their obvious stature as the most sacrosanct embodiments of Free Speech and Freedom of the Press; kind of  a third rail if you’re a politician – touch it and you die. Usually but not always.

The Daily Kos reports that award-winning editorial cartoonist Rob Rogers has had many of his cartoons “spiked” or axed in the last several weeks by the new editorial editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  Rob Rogers has worked for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for 25 years.  He was fired yesterday, June 14.

Daily Kos explains:

The past two years leading up to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette merging with the Toledo Blade’s editorial staff have seen the newspaper turn more and more Trumpservative. The merger in March was the final move in turning the newspaper into a propaganda rag for the Trump administration.

Here is a gallery of some of Rogers’ most recent work.

rogers4rogers 1rogers5rogers3rogers2

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