The success of Ivanka Vacuuming

I saw the thumbnail on Yahoo news but didn’t click it: “Internet goes wild over Invanka Vacuuming!”  I did read The Neoliberal Hypocrisies of Ivanka Trump Vacuuming in Hyperallergic. I am now ready to declare the “interactive performance piece”, Ivanka Vacuuming by artist Jennifer Rubell to be a brilliant success. Art should engage. Art should be wildly controversial. Art should represent and reflect what is going on in the culture. Art should make the participants question whether or not the work is art. Art should generate heated discussion about both the art and the subject matter. The Hyperallergic article is a good point of departure.

Ivanka Vacuuming by Jennifer Rubell, presented by CulturalDC. All images by Ryan Maxwell Photography, courtesy of CulturalDC.

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